7 Ways to know a guy is interested in you

Ways to know a guy is interested in you

Is it possible to know whether a guy is interested in you? Before you make any move, you want to make sure that the feelings are mutual. But how can you identify whether he has any interest in you? There are some methods you can use that, and it will make it easy to understand whether he has any interest in you. Here’s what you need to know.

He wants to talk with you often

Whenever a man initiates a conversation with you very often, then it might be a sign he likes you. That’s especially true if he combines this with any of the actions listed below.

Mirroring your own body language

If a guy is imitating your speech patterns or gestures, then this is a subconscious sign he likes you, and that’s definitely something to keep in mind. In this case, he tries to establish a connection and obtain your trust.

He is very careful with the way he looks when he meets you

Most guys won’t really care about looking great and sharp near you, unless they have feelings or any interest in you. In case you see that he is styling his hair, he is wearing a new cologne or anything special, then he might be having feelings for you.

Remembering the things you told him (small details)

Let’s face it, guys won’t always listen to everything you say, unless they have some feelings for you. If the is paying close attention to what you say and remembers even the smallest details, then that means he cares a lot about you, and that’s extremely important.

Planning to spend more time with you

If he wants to spend some or most of his free time with you, then that obviously says a lot. It shows that he likes your presence quite a bit, and he wants more and more of it. This is a great sign for you, since it shows he is interested, and there are mutual feelings here.

He invites you to his own activities

Not a lot of men will invite you to their own activities. When that happens, that’s a sign that he likes you and he is constantly focused on spending more time with you. Which is great, because you can take your relationship forward and learn even more about him.

Flirting with you 

Some men are flirty by nature, and they will flirt with everyone. But if there are many other girls near you and he flirts only with you every time, then that’s a clear sign he is interested in you.


It can be very difficult to figure out whether he is interested in you or now. You always need to look even for the simplest things and see how much interest he has in you as a person. These tips and tricks listed above are a great starting point. However, you should always look for even the smallest details, if possible. It will help you identify whether he has any interest in you as a person, then you can move on with making your first steps towards a relationship!