9 Shocking ways to tell if your boyfriend is bored with you

Dealing with a boyfriend can be tough, and you may have noticed him checking out the fit girl at the gym with the tight leggings, but you brush it off. It isn’t until you look closer and find that he is decided to start checking out of the relationship hotel.

The truth is..

Below are things that you should be looking for to find out if your boyfriend is bored in your relationship.

1. He doesn’t talk to you.

If you are the person who always starts the conversation, if you are always the one talking and he hardly responds, or he doesn’t have much to say when you ask what he thinks about something, and if you can tell he is faking interest, then he either needs counseling or he isn’t into you anymore.

2. You get ignored.

He spends more time with his friends, his computer, or game box. This can hurt you and its okay to be scared because if you ask, you may get the answer that you really don’t want to hear.

3. Creepy Awkward Silences

You gave up on trying to find other things to talk about. He notices, but he just doesn’t care. Similar to him being perfectly fine with you being not okay. You ask him what he wants, but he just cold shoulders you.

4. He spends less time with you.

This can be normal in American dating culture, especially if he is a busy bee with work or family/personal issues. Yet, if he doesn’t care for quality time and only calls you to get some bed play, it is time to ask if yourself if you are okay with being a booty call.

5. His phone is attached to his hand.

There is nothing wrong with this, especially if it is work or family he is dealing with. However, if this is something that he constantly does and never shows an interest in explaining why he is always on his phone, then you can believe he is either cheating on you or he is really bored.

6. He stopped complimenting you.

You just got a new hair cut and you feel amazing, but his attention is somewhere else even though you have hinted and pushed for him to notice your new look. If this is happening, then it isn’t you. It is all on him and he has lost interest in you.

7. Passionate Arguments are Gone

Those tiny arguments that you have are normal and healthy. If you notice that he doesn’t argue in the same way, it just means that he is no longer invested in your relationship. He avoids conflict or just lets you win, then you know he is beyond bored.

8. Dates have ended.

You brought it up and he just shrugs his shoulders and makes excuses and claims to plan one, but it never happens.

9. Sarcastic remarks & Disappointed tones

You can’t miss it, if he was the one to say it. Focus on how he talks to you and ask him why he feels that way. If he can’t provide an answer, you are a booty call and the relationship is done.

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