The Best Way to Find a Date in Thailand

The Best Way to Find a Date in Thailand

Thailand is a rapidly developing country in South-East Asia, and a wildly popular holiday destination due to it’s amazing weather, delicious local cuisine, incredible culture, and beautiful beaches and scenery.

However, Thailand also offers something else; an abundance of stunning, single local women who would love to date an honest and decent American singles.

Foreigners, particularly Caucasians are held in high regard in Thailand, and as such, having a handsome Western husband is something of a status symbol in many Thai communities.

As a foreigner, how do you actually find a date?

Your first trip to Thailand may make your head spin. The chaotic metropolis of Bangkok combined with the plethora of sights, smells, sounds, and the beautiful but confusing Thai language can indeed be intoxicating, but after a while, you may notice something else as well.

The ladies in Thailand are slim, attractive and polite, and somewhat different to your average American lady. In fact, many foreigners do come to Thailand, and, may never leave after having found their perfect wife, living their dream existence in this beautiful country, whilst others may repatriate their new found love back to their home country.

Here’s the deal?

Traditionally in Thailand, like in the West, people usually date people they meet through work, friends or family, but as a foreigner arriving in

Thailand, it is unlikely that these options will be available to you. So how do you go about finding a date when you arrive? Luckily there are several options, and it will not be hard to find someone willing to meet you for a date, in fact you most likely will be spoiled for choice.

The options for you include dating websites, phone apps, speed dating events, and dating agencies, all of which will allow you to get the ball rolling, and in many instances, will allow you to go on many dates within a short space of time.

One important thing to remember, however, is that despite the friendly nature of Thai people and the apparent safety of the country, just like in your home country there also some untrustworthy characters out there who may try to take advantage of you, so tread carefully and take things slowly.

That’s not all.

By far the easiest way to find yourself a date is to download a matchmaking app for your phone such as Tinder, FOC, OK Cupid, or Thaifriendly.

The benefits of using such an app is that you can set your location to Thailand and start looking for suitable candidates before you even travel, although some apps will ask for a small sign-up fee to access this functionality.

Certainly, Tinder is very popular in Thailand and you will likely have thousands of matches in the capital, which means you can take your time and find someone suited to your preferences exactly.

The best part is.

It couldn’t be much simpler, providing that you have a smartphone. Just download the app, input your details, set your location to Thailand and start browsing, selecting the ones that you like, and engage in conversation with your matches.

Then you can progress to arranging a meet up with whoever takes your fancy. Be careful of dating websites, which often have fake profiles to entice you to sign up and pay, and dating agencies based in Thailand, which can charge thousands of dollars for their services, and may be hit and miss.

By all means, go ahead and set up several dates to coincide with your arrival in Thailand to ensure that you make the most of your time. Just make sure that you read the following words of advice:

Top 9 secrets in how to find a date in Thailand

  • Thai ladies are typically shy and reserved, and should be treated with respect. Most Thai ladies do not drink alcohol or smoke, but they all love eating!
  • Thailand is generally safe, even more so that the USA, but you should still exercise the same precautions as you would anywhere else in the world. If you are meeting someone for the first time, always meet in a public place, and it would be polite to ask the lady where she would like to go.
  • Public displays of affection in Thailand are frowned upon, which includes any kind of kissing, holding hands, or touching in public. However, people will be more tolerant towards foreigners, but the lady will definitely feel awkward if you insist on this.
  • Dating in Thailand is a slow affair, indeed if the lady tries to kiss you or invite herself back to your hotel on the first date, it is extremely unlikely that she is genuine.
  • Unfortunately, Thailand still has a relatively poor level of English competency, so taking some time to learn some basic Thai phrases will make a huge difference, and also show that you have respect for the country and its culture.
  • Unfortunately, you may see many working girls offering services on dating apps and websites, try not to be offended.
  • Be conscious of the fact that there is a large transsexual community in Thailand, but dating profiles should make the user’s gender status clear in case you can’t tell by looking.
  • In Thailand, appearance is very important. Dress smart for your date, under no circumstances should you arrive in shorts and sandals.
  • Behave just as you would at a date in your home country, be polite, respectful, and be prepared to pay the bill!