How to Know He’s the One(100% Match) ?

When you’re dating a new guy, there is all these “what ifs” going through your mind. One of the many questions you might ask yourself as you continue dating is if he’s the one match– the guy you’re destined to live happily ever after with. Here’s the deal..


All women think this about every guy they meet, but sadly, he ends up being just another frog you needed to kiss before meeting your prince charming.

But all hope isn’t lost as there are some ways to know he’s the one, so read on to find out what important qualities you should look after:

He supports you 100%

A man that really supports you and everything you want in life is a keeper.

He’ll bring you food if you’re working late trying to get that raise or rub your back when you need a 5-minute break from studying for an exam.

If he supports your dreams, no matter how crazy or big they are, wants to be with you for the long haul.

He listens to you

Some guys pretend to listen to you, but they’re off in their own head not really hearing a word you say.

A guy that’s the one will really listen to you and know what you’re saying, really invested in the topic being discussed.

He’ll also prove that he was paying attention later on, which will only make you fall in love with him even more.

There’s trust in the relationship

You know that you’ve found the one when you have complete and utter trust with each other.

You don’t mind him going out with the guys and cheating on you because you trust him with your entire being.

Plus, you do the same. In order to get married later on, there needs to be trust, which will be the foundation of your relationship.

He never puts you down

As women, we don’t always feel or look our best. On days that you feel bloated or ugly or a failure, he’ll lift you right back up!

He won’t put you down and will do everything in his power to cheer you back up!

You miss each other immensely when either one of you is gone

Sometimes life happens and you can’t see each other every day or one of you has to travel for work.

A man truly deserving of the husband title will send you texts saying how much he misses you and will want to call you all the time.

If he goes out of his way to let you know how much he misses you then he’s a keeper…but you should do the same!

photo credit: flicker/sealdude