Love at first sight, Illusion or Genuine

It’s a fine autumn morning, and the sun is just about to take its place high above you, the view from the window of your room is incredible as suddenly you see her walking by;


Looking tall, sophisticated and beautiful, draped in an overcoat, with the morning breeze blowing slowly against her hair, creating a picture-perfect silhouette against the background, and though you have never seen her before, you suddenly feel as though she were the love of your life, the woman of your dreams.

She turns, sees you staring at her through the window pane from your second-floor apartment, and there you have it.

The two of you feel “The Spark” as your eyes get locked together. Ah!! Love at first sight. The Telenovelas make it look so easy.

So is love at first sight genuine or an illusion? Well, let’s find out.

It is absolutely possible for two complete strangers to meet for the first time and like each other, and fall head over hills and fall in love with each other.

This is evident in high school sweethearts or even grade school sweethearts who end up getting married to their first love. However, it is not as common a phenomenon as the movies make it out to be.

What’s more..

Love in its self can be compared to a garden of beautiful roses. For the roses to be kept alive, they have got to be watered and attended to.

So too is it with love, for love to grow, the two people who are in love with each other must water their love for each other with care, attention, effective communication, etc. Only then will it blossom fully.

But there is a catch;

Couples, who have met for the very first time and fallen in love, are those who share a common interest, and are willing to make concessions for the sake of the love which they feel, without which, that initial spark of infatuation will dwindle, wither, and die.

This is to say that it is perfectly normal for you to meet someone for the first time and feel a pull towards that person due to certain physical qualities exhibited by that person.

The truth is..

What makes that pull which you feel, genuine or an illusion, are the actions you people take next.

If say, you both go out on a date in which you find out he is probably already married, or that you two are at poles as concerns an issue you are extremely passionate about, then the love at first sight which you felt for each other becomes an illusion.

But on the other hand, you might find out that the other person is into the same things as you, and that your long term goals align perfectly with each other. If that be the case, then the love you felt at first sight for each other becomes genuine.

To conclude, love, at first sight, could be an illusion or a genuine feeling, depending on luck.

At times, the universe conspires to put you in contact with that person that is best suited for you, while at other times, we let our Disney stories get into our head in an effort to create love at first sight scenario.

Either way, love, at first sight, is either genuine or an illusion, based on what the couple does collectively to see to it that their love blossoms. So before you get carried away by a perfect setting,

I urge you all people of the love world, to at least talk to that stranger first.