Should you stay friend with your Ex (6 reasons)?

Should you stay friend with your ex

Well, CAN you?

There are many reasons you can’t stay with your ex, but there are also a few why you can.

So here we have two people who once meant everything to each other, planned to do so much together, promised so many tomorrows to each other and whatnot.

They must have become a very important part of each other’s lives. And then, they break up.

Is it easy to start living without your significant other all of a sudden? For most, it isn’t. That’s why any one of them would want to be friends, still.

Here are the reasons why you CAN or CANNOT stay with your ex:

Reasons you cannot stay friends with your ex

1)    If two people have broken up, it is probably because one of them felt angry, betrayed, or used.

The one who got dumped could be feeling like they were unfinished with their damaged relationship. The person who initiated the breakup must feel guilty, and none of these are ingredients for a healthy friendship.

2)    One reason why you’d want to stay friends with them is probably that a part of you still loves them and doesn’t want to let go. If you keep talking to them hoping to win them back, then it’s of no use because there is little or no chance they would want to get back together with you.

You’ll only end up feeling bad about yourself. It’s better to spend time with those friends who make you feel wanted and appreciated.

3)    OR, it could be that they are still in love with you and talk to you to look for any signs of returned affection.

Even if you have made it clear that you want to be just friends, it won’t hold them back. In this case, you should let your ex-spend time on their own and interact with them the least you possibly can.

4)    If they are not taking no for an answer, you don’t have to stay friends just because you feel bad for them.

If they still don’t leave you alone after you have been direct with them about your feelings and push you too far, don’t hesitate to contact the police.

5)    If you stay friends with them hoping they will change someday, it’s a bad sign.

When they sense that it won’t be very difficult for them to win you over again, they will spend more time trying to prove to you that they have changed instead of bringing any real changes in their lives. So it’s best to leave them alone.

6)    You may be keeping your ex around just in case you can’t find anyone better than them.

This is an unfair approach. It is best to close one door fully if you want another to open.

Reasons you can be friends with your Ex

If none of you have the intentions mentioned above, then you can stay friends. But it is best to give a little ‘cool off’ period before you become friends again.