Speed Dating Questions and Tips


Speed Dating Tips

Asking the right questions is usually a big hurdle when Speed Dating. Let’s face it- without the right questions or swallowing your words your dating experience will certainly not live up to expectation.

Not only will you embarrass yourself but also miss out on a chance to get to know a great person. It is normal to get stuck once in a while.

This also affects even the most fluent and suave speakers. Nonetheless, the following questions will not only come handy during your Speed Dating event, but will also enliven the interaction:

Getting Acquainted To Your Date

  • Tell me things that excite or make you angry or sad?
  • Where were you born and raised?
  • Which do you prefer – the country or city?
  • What does your close friend think of you?
  • Do you have a dream job, and if so what is it?
  • What colour do you think best describes your character?
  • What is your passion?
  • Which qualities best describe you as a person?
  • What meal would your prepare for your friends in case they decided to show up for dinner?
  • Do you have any favourite wine?
  • What features do you pay attention to in a person?

Getting To know the interests And Hobbies of Your Date


  • What were you up to last weekend?
  • Is there any weekend that stood out this year?
  • What genre of music are you most passionate about?
  • Can you remember the CD you purchased most recently?
  • Is there a particular song that completes you?
  • What sort of films are you fond of?
  • What is your all-time favourite movie?
  • Tell me about your favourite actress or actor?
  • Do you have a favourite programme on TV?
  • What are some of your fun activities?
  • Are you a morning or evening person?
  • Are you currently reading a book?

Speed Dating Questions To Liven The Moment:

  • If you were to go to a desolate island what would you carry along?
  • If given a chance to be another person for a single day, who would it be and why?
  • Choose a person you would wish to have dinner with – alive or dead?
  • Which place on earth would you rather live?
  • What’s your perfect vacation spot?
  • Is there any incident you consider your most reckless?
  • What cracks your ribs or brings laughter to you?
  • If you hit the jackpot how would you use the money?
  • If you were to be re-born again, is there a particular time in history you prefer, and why?
  • Imagine you are a movie star, who would you prefer to act alongside?
  • Which activity do you consider you’re most adventurous?
  • If you were to write your biography, what title would you go for?
  • Which takeaway meal tops the list of your most favourite?
  • Imagine someone gave you £1,000 tomorrow, how would you use the money?

Lastly, Speed Dating Questions To ‘Break the Ice:’

  • Imagine a film about your life; is there any particular person you would prefer to play you? you?
  • How often do you snore?
  • Do you do tricks at parties?
  • Choose one –basking at the beach or exploring?
  • Name three wishes if you were given the power?
  • Where in the world do you fancy living?
  • Do you have a favourite joke?
  • What chat up line works for you?
  • Of all the chat up lines you’ve heard, which is the lamest?
  • Are you a handy person or prefer calling the expert?
  • Which animal do your friends think matches your personality?
  • Is there a famous person people say resembles you?

The above questions will certainly make it easy to break the ice. However, you don’t have to take the whole list.

Just pick a few questions at a time. And, don’t make the date seem like an interview. Please avoid asking questions such as “what are your future plans.”

Finally, remember these speed dating questions should help make the interaction fun, also check your date’s dating profile if available. Remember to smile, have fun and make a connection.

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